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About | Capitol Collegiate Academy
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Capitol Collegiate Academy prepares students in kindergarten through grade eight to compete, achieve, and lead in high school, in college, and in life.

Capitol Collegiate Academy is a school founded on the firm belief that all students, regardless of race, home language, family education level, or socio-economic status, are entitled to a high quality education. We create a small, safe, and structured learning environment that challenges students to push themselves to perform at their personal best. Teachers are given the structure, support, and resources needed to collaborate with each other, challenge students in the classroom, and deliver exceptional lesson plans that engage students.

All students at Capitol Collegiate know they are college-bound. This college culture is apparent in every component of the school, from the hallways and school cheers, to classroom assignments and parent conferences. In addition:

All students and parents know and understand the college preparatory mission of Capitol Collegiate.

Students actively participate in engaging lessons with an emphasis on reading and math, preparing them for success later in life.

School chants and motivational expressions infuse joy into classrooms and build on college readiness.

Rooms bear the names of colleges and universities and classrooms will adopt the mascots of colleges and universities.

We believe that college preparation must start on a child’s first day of primary education. Further, literacy is the most important component of a child’s education leading to college entrance and success. Elementary school-aged children should be able to readily identify the link between strong academic outcomes now and later success facilitated with a college education in the future. The concept is clear for more advantaged students, and one we must instill in all students as early as possible. Efforts to address the inequalities between socio-economics should not focus only on high school, but on the long-term path from kindergarten to college. With a mindset and goal of college, it is our responsibility as a school to ensure that students are prepared to execute on this promise

Capitol Collegiate does not charge tuition and accepts Sacramento students through a random, public lottery.


Capitol Collegiate began its operations in 2009, when the founder, Penny Schwinn, visited and studied 50 of the top performing schools in the nation.  While researching the best practices of schools, Schwinn also spent time in Sacramento garnering the support of the community and its leaders.  She met with hundreds of stakeholders in education and received over 500 families signatures in support of the Capitol Collegiate charter.   From Mayor Kevin Johnson to Superintendent Jonathan Raymond, the community stands behind the idea of a high performing charter school serving the students of South Sacramento.

Why A College Preparatory Elementary School

Capitol Collegiate will serve students in the South Sacramento community. We recognize the immediate and significant challenges faced by all schools. However, research indicates that intervention in the earliest years is the most powerful way to increase student performance and close the achievement gap. As students proceed through the education system, these gaps only widen and become increasingly insurmountable in the later grades. A student who falls behind in first grade will only fall further behind as the student progresses through school. For example, the vocabulary of a first grade student is a key predictor for reading comprehension ten years later, and if that vocabulary is not developed, the student will be several grade levels behind by the junior year in high school. We believe that being proactive instead of reactive to this problem is critical in pushing students to their personal bests in education.

Quick Facts

Capitol Collegiate opened with an incoming class of kindergarten students in August 2011. Each consecutive year, another class will be added until the school reaches full capacity with kindergarten through eighth grade. For the 2014-15 school year, we will offer spaces for kindergarten, first, second, and third grade students.

Founding Date: August 22, 2011

Charter Date: May 6, 2010

Gender: 59% female and 41% male

Special Needs: 12%

Race: 47% are African-American, 34% are Latino, 5% are Asian, 3% are White, 2% are American Indian and 9% are multi-racial.

English Language Learners: 23%

Free and Reduced Price Lunch: 98%