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Save the Date!

Back to School Night for all grade levels is Thursday, October 9th!

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Click here to view the September school calendar!

Capitol Collegiate School Calendar 2014-15

Family Handbook_2014-15

Click here for the September lunch menu!

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Capitol Collegiate’s Uniform Policy is as follows:

  • Shirt: Shirts must be polo shirts in white, green, or grey. Shirts are available in short or long sleeve. The only shirt that can be under the uniform shirt is a white, green, or grey shirt.  All shirts must be tucked in.
  • Pants: Standard khaki pants or appropriate length shorts may be worn. Pants may be either zipper or pull-on. The pants need to fit correctly (no baggy style).
  • Belt: If you choose to wear a belt, it must be solid black or grey in color.  Please make sure your child can easily take on and off the belt without assistance.
  • Shoes: Solid neutral-colored (black, white, gray, brown, etc.) shoes without any embellishments (e.g. colored shoe laces, lights).  Shoes may have minimal color. Boots with heels, sandals, moccasins, clogs, and bowling shoes are not permitted.
  • Socks and/or Tights: Only solid neutral-colored (black, white, grey, brown, etc.) socks or tights may be worn.
  • Jumper: Girls may wear khaki jumpers with the school logo. A polo must be worn underneath the jumper. Girls should wear tights or shorts underneath the jumper. Jumpers are permitted in kindergarten and first grades only.
  • Skirts: Girls may wear khaki skirts (with tights or shorts underneath) or skorts to school.

Khaki is defined as tan or brown in color and is not jean material.


  • Sweater: Solid (may not have patterns or writing on it) color black, white, green or grey sweaters with logo patches only.  Uniform shirt must be worn underneath.
  • Fleece: Solid (may not have patterns or writing on it) color black, white, green or grey sweaters with logo patches only.  Uniform shirts must be worn underneath.
  • Jackets and Coats: Jackets or coats may be worn to school, but are not permitted to be worn in the classroom (no exceptions) even if a patch is affixed to them.

Uniforms may be purchased online.  Click here to go to the French Toast Uniform website. Enter Capitol Collegiate Academy’s source code to access our uniforms: QS5MGZQ

Uniform patches are also sold in the front office for $1 each.  Please bring exact change when purchasing patches.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]


Khan Academy

Khan Academy has a library of over 2,700 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and 240 practice exercises.  Each video is about 10 minutes long. You can use these videos to achieve mastery in key subjects.

How to use Khan Academy

  • Step 1:  Use your Google or Facebook account to sign in and get started right now. Signing in gives you the ability to track your own progress and earn points and badges.  If you don’t have an account with either of those sites, you can sign up for a Google or Facebook account to get started.
  • Step 2:  Identify the skill(s) you wish to start with.
  • Step 3:  Practice the skill until you’ve achieved mastery. Every skill has practice exercises associated with it.  Your child will demonstrate mastery by answering 10 questions in a row correctly.  If you need a hint, every single problem can be broken down, step-by-step, with one click.  If you need more help, you can always watch a related video.  Once your child has achieved mastery, they should move on to the next skill that they’ve struggled with.


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